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Fundamental Therapy Solutions provides assessment and treatment in the areas of speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychology services for children birth-18 years old.  We also offer intensive reading and spelling instruction, incorporating the LiPS, Seeing Stars and Visualizing and Verbalizing Programs.  Our qualified staff includes licensed Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech-Language Pathology Assistants with experience in all areas of pediatrics.  

We strive to help children gain functional communication, motor and academic skills using fun therapy techniques in various settings to improve their overall quality of life.  If you are concerned about your child, please call our office to schedule an evaluation.

Proudly serving the Gainesville, FL area.

Psychological Services Now Offered

psychological servicesFundamental Therapy Solutions has recently added a psychologist and a school psychologist to our team of qualified professionals.  Our psychology team will enhance our ability to evaluate and treat our clients and to provide a wide array of educational and therapeutic services to children and families.

Fundamental Therapy Solutions can conduct assessments for learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, gifted, AD/HD, intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, social-emotional and/or behavioral functioning and assessments for accommodations on the College Board Examinations.  Fundamental Therapy Solutions will be working with gifted students at local charter schools.

Fundamental Therapy Solutions provides short term counseling for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, a research supported family therapy for young children with disruptive behavior disorders.

Early Intervention

Early intervention services offered at Fundamental Therapy Solutions include a variety of specialized therapeutic and educational services designed to meet the individual needs of young children who have known disabilities, delays in development, or are deemed to be at risk for developing disabilities or delays.  The importance of identifying developmental delays and learning problems early cannot be overstated.  Research has consistently shown that early intervention for a variety of childhood issues results in the best long-term outcomes.  Identifying and correcting childhood problems early ensures that children don't fall further behind their peers as they get older.  However, intervening early when problems appear in older children is also important.  Regardless of when problems are identified, the prompt provision of appropriate intervention services minimizes long term negative consequences.

early intervention Common issues requiring early intervention in younger children may include physical needs (gross and fine motor skills), cognitive development needs (thinking, learning, solving problems); communication needs (talking, listening, understanding, expressing thoughts); social/emotional/behavioral needs (playing, feeling safe and happy, interacting with others, behaving appropriately); and self help skills (eating, dressing, toileting).  Fundamental Therapy Solutions has professionals who are trained in each of the above areas who can conduct comprehensive evaluations and offer recommendations and/or therapeutic services designed to address each child's specific needs.

Children may exhibit a wide variety of behaviors which may indicate an underlying difficulty or disability.  It is important not to jump to conclusions and to seek a professional opinion if you think that your child may have delays in developmental milestones or academic skills.  A child's age, developmental level and environmental influences must be kept in mind when determining if he or she has developmental delays or disabilities.  If you think your child may have a disability or may be struggling with problems of some kind, qualified professionals at Fundamental Therapy Solutions are available to evaluate your child and guide you towards appropriate interventions.  The earlier interventions can be provided to children in need, the better the outcome.


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